Tech Nerd

Lloyd has always been at the forefront of technological developments and from the very beginning, he has ensured that all of Cloudstaff’s systems and infrastructure are completely scalable and accessible with one goal in mind — to provide seamless integration between the technology and the people who use it.

In line with his commitment to technology is the Cloudstaff Ecosystem — a network of integrated applications that are designed to help teams work more efficiently and provide managers with greater transparency. The Cloudstaff Ecosystem is developed by Cloudstaff’s R&D and Software Development teams. The Ecosystem maximizes efficiency, improves communication, and provides detailed reporting which results in productive staff and informed managers.

As a technology visionary, he has driven the development of tools like Botley, an automated enterprise assistant. Although Botley is still in development, it is currently helping staff to access the tools and information they want using a natural language interface. Lloyd understands that AI is critical to the evolution of the outsourcing industry and is committed to creating the tools for the future.