PowerUp ISP

When visiting a new CloudStaff customer recently in Brisbane he said he had something for me. I thought it might a VOIP handset or manuals for his CloudStaff(ers) in the Philippines (or Chocolate). How cool is this…He found them on the weekend and thought I might like them.

These are 1.4 Mb disks of the PowerUp Installer… I am not sure if this is the Microsoft Internet explorer build OR the one Joe wrote which used used his own installer to download the applications from a PowerUp FTP server.

These are early because we eventually has the PowerUp logo printed onto the disk to save using the sticker.

These are circa mid 90’s, I am guessing 15 years old. I wonder what ever happened to the Floppy disk copying machine that we had?

As a bit of an interesting note… As an ISP we paid $100,000 to install an 100Mb link to Telstra Wholesale and THEN we paid about 30 cents per Mb of data. It eventually came done to 10 cents per Mb.  To give you an idea how that compare… Today’s Telstra BizEssentials 500GB Max Plan which costs $150/mth – 15 years ago would have been $90,000/mth

This was a immense barrier to Australian Web developers, business owners who wanted to build rich content for the Internet. Just too expensive, Youtube, Facebook, Google could never have started in Australia.

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