Hello Stella

Hello Stella,
I don’t recall us actually meeting, but thank you for your email titled “R7S light good market”.

Unfortunately, I am not in the market to buy the “replacement of halogen R7S” from Tianci lighting, but thank you for thinking of me.


Tianci Lighting may be interested in a service that CloudStaff provides to Chinese companies. A CloudStaff Virtual Sales Assistant can help you sell the “replacement of halogen R7S.” into Australia, UK and US.


  1. A CloudStaff Sales Assistant would find potential customers for you. Example, they could identify all hardware and lighting stores in Australia, search for the contact information and enter all the details into a CRM (database).
  2. They would then find the purchasing officer or decision maker in that company – this can usually be achieved by speaking to the receptionist. (Note always treat receptionist well – they are sometimes the most important people in the company)

  3. Then create a email/newsletter which explains what we are selling – send it and monitor the results.

  4. It does not end with the email, your Sales Assistant will phone the contact to confirm that they received the email. Ensuring that the customer received the email is important, because spam filters block more and more messages.

  5. Possibly offer a free sample of the “replacement of halogen R7S” from Tianci lighting.

  6. Again your sales staff assistant could assist with dispatch of samples and follow up.

Each Virtual Sales Assistant from CloudStaff speaks and writes excellent English, which is important if you are trying to sell into this market. Customers are more inclined to purchase from a company that understands their needs, and can clearly and quickly answer any questions they might have.

Finally, your CloudStaff Sales Assistant can maintain your relationships with your existing customers. Your Assistant can ask them if they were happy with the product they received from Tianci Lighting and if they are looking to make further purchases. Additionally, they ask if they know someone else who might be interested in “replacement of halogen R7S”. We have an adage that goes, “there is gold in the filing cabinet.” and your Virtual Sales Assistant is always doing this.

A Virtual Sales Assistant from CloudStaff will cost Tianci Lighting only US$1500 per month.

Stella, thank you for your email. Please let me know if CloudStaff can help Tianci Lighting in anyway.

Kind Regards
Lloyd Ernst

Email: lloyd@cloudstaff.com
Mobile: +86 139 11199124
Web: www.Cloudstaff.com

PS: I have also written my reply in mandarin below.

Stella 您好
抱歉我不大记得是否和你见过,但谢谢你的邮件R7S light good market”
很遗憾我目前没有计划从Tianci照明购买replacement of halogen R7S”,但还是感谢你考虑我。
不知道Tianci照明是否对加入CloudStaff面向中国公司的服务有兴趣。CloudStaff的销售助理可以帮助你在澳大利亚、英国和美国销售replacement of halogen R7S”
当然不能仅停留在邮件联系,你的销售助理会和对方电话确认信息的接收情况,确保这个客户确实收到我们发的信息,你知道很多公司的产品邮件都会被过滤进垃圾箱。然后根据对方反馈,可能会有Tianci照明提供给他们提供一个免费的replacement of halogen R7S”试用品。
最后,你的CloudStaff销售助理还会继续维护你现有客户的关系,比如经常联系客户收集对方对Tianci照明产品的使用感受,是否对产品满意,是不是有进一步的采购意向等。另外,他们还会打探是否有客户知道的一些潜在购买者对你的replacement of halogen R7S”感兴趣。我们相信大多数的机会来自现有客户,这也是你的虚拟销售会一直做的事情。

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