Calendar Perfection

I had two meetings this morning, one which I put on my calendar and one which my Ann had entered. We have a detailed training course which all PAs go through. I forgot that there are almost 20 steps that PAs are trained of doing when setting up a meeting. I never followed them of course; partly because I don’t have the time to make it as detailed as Ann does. So when I looked at my calendar meetings this morning – I realised Ann’s entries are pretty closed to calendar perfection.

(1) The subject should be descriptive.
(2) When working across time zones, having the Time and Timezone in the subject means there is no confusion.
(3) Confirming with the attendees the day before.
(4) Meeting location is filled in, even if it is just on skype – if it is a physical address, the address must be Google maps clickable.
(5) Additional information in the Meeting details (like the Skype usernames).

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