About Lloyd

Lloyd Ernst has had a distinguished career in the IT industry as an internet pioneer and entrepreneur over the last three decades.

Lloyd has worked for a number of industry heavyweights including Apple and Microsoft. He also founded PowerUp and WebCentral, which at their peak, were Queensland’s largest ISP and Australia’s largest web hosting company. After exiting WebCentral, he saw an opportunity to redefine the outsourcing industry and drive innovation in the sector. In 2009, he founded Cloudstaff (then known as SinoCode), an outsourcing company driven by innovation and technology.

Changing the face of outsourcing

Lloyd is now focused on redefining the outsourcing industry through the seamless integration of technology and the people who use it. He is dedicated to creating the technology that will reshape the sector, by providing staff with the tools they need, and the customers the experience they want.

“I have been working in the outsourcing industry in Asia for over 12 years and the most important lesson I have learnt is that providing outsourcing solutions can be very challenging. There are many moving parts, unexpected constraints and there are so many rules to follow.

Businesses that come to the Philippines with plans of creating their own workforce supply companies often underestimate the planning, processes and infrastructure needed to deliver a successful solution.

I have dealt closely with customers who have been remarkably successful, and others that have not been able to make it work. These experiences, good and bad, have taught me a lot about successful outsourcing, both as a provider and a consumer of workforce solutions.”

-Lloyd Ernst

Why outsource?

Committed to education

Lloyd is a dedicated advocate of education. This is demonstrated by his commitment to many of the local education facilities and the provision of free (or subsidized) training programs for staff. He is also involved with the Young Presidents’ Organization, a US-based initiative that promotes learning through the exchange of ideas and shared learning strategies.